Meta launches business-coaching tool on WhatsApp to help SMEs

Facebook Business Coach

Meta has announced the launch of Facebook Business Coach, an innovative and easy-to-use tool for small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, and other English-speaking countries, to learn more about how to grow their business online with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 

The Facebook Business Coach, which is available on WhatsApp, is a free, low-cost educational chatbot tool that users may communicate with in a simple, conversational, and convenient manner. SMEs have access to self-paced, automated instruction on how to build a presence in today’s rapidly growing digital market.

It offers step-by-step courses and tutorials, as well as useful infographics, videos, and audio clips, as a free curricular platform. Learning materials are suggested depending on the user’s requirements and questions, with a menu choice to explore the curriculum. While the WhatsApp bot makes it simple for SMEs to learn the basics, users can also take Meta Blueprint courses online for more in-depth training and certification. 

The content was created with the intent to help business owners with a variety of issues, including how to create eye-catching business pages on Facebook and Instagram, as well as how to connect efficiently with clients using Messenger and WhatsApp.

The Facebook Business Coach educational tool on WhatsApp is available to any individual, representing one of the ways Facebook provides opportunities for education and business growth through its platforms.