Lions’ Den Season 1: A Fantastic Start

As the first season of Lions’ Den comes to an end, expectations are already high for what follows next after a successful debut season of the world’s No. 1 business reality TV show, which aired for 13 weeks on DSTV Channels 154 & 153, and Channel 2 on GOTV. 

Lions’ Den, Season 1, featured a total of 66 applicants, out of thousands who applied for the opportunity to pitch their businesses before 5 seasoned investors, known as Lions. Of these 66 entrepreneurs who earned this once in a lifetime opportunity, 20 were deemed competent and investible, convincing our Lions to part with a total of N446,000,000 in cash investments. 

Indeed an impressive feat, which has earned a plethora of positive reviews and feedback on social media, whilst creating more awareness for the businesses which are now enjoying the perks of appearing on the show.

Applications for Season 2 have now commenced, and interested entrepreneurs can visit to register.