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These Terms and Conditions have been varied or amended as of 29 June 2022.


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1. Introduction

1.1 Family Feud is an American television game show where two families compete to name the most popular responses to survey questions to win cash and prizes.


To stand a chance to audition your family for Family Feud Nigeria and win cash on National TV, interested persons are required to send an SMS with FF to 205 or reply to a USSD Prompt Or call 205 and choose the contestant option and follow to the end. SMS/IVR/USSD cost N100 per entry/call.


Each week, the home quiz question is asked by the host and displayed visually and viewers are told to send the answer they think is correct. Send SMS as FFH Answer at N50. The answer options are tagged C, D, E, F or G. 20 lucky winners win N20,000.00 each.


To play, customers can subscribe by sending to the Family Feud  DFF to 205 for (2) two questions at a cost of N50, or WFF to 205 for a subscription to get (4) four questions valid for 1 day at N100. To get additional questions at any time subscribers can send ADD to 205 at a cost of N50 to get two (2) additional questions. At the end of every day, the top 10 subscribers on the leaderboard win N10, 000 each, and at the end of the week, the highest subscriber wins N50, 000 and a pass to the family audition for the live TV show. The weekly winner is invited for auditions and if successful is introduced to his/her family as a weekly SMS Game winner.


2. Duration

2.1 The Service is available from June 2022 until the operator in their sole and absolute discretion decides to discontinue the Service.


3. Who is Eligible?

3.1 Service is available to all MTN Nigeria customers with a valid mobile number (“Player/s”).


4. Subscribing 

4.1 Players must subscribe to the Service by either SMS:

FF to 205 ( Contestant recruitment)

FFH (option) to 205 ( Homeplay)

DFF to 205 (SMS Game, 2 questions)

WFF to 205 (SMS Game, 4 questions)

ADD to 205 (SMS Game to get 2 additional questions)

Winner Determination

4.2 Winners are selected based on correct answers and skill and performance in the games.



4.3 Players can unsubscribe via SMS, users simply text :

      Stop DFF to 205(daily) 

      Stop WFF to 205(daily) 

4.4 Players will receive an SMS confirming that they have been unsubscribed from the service. 

4.5 If they unsubscribe from the service, they are not eligible to win prizes.


5. Prizes: 

Winners stand a chance to win the following prizes: 

Table 1: Prizes:

Up to N5,000,000.00 on the TV show
Cash Prizes (N20,000 and N10,000 for each winner) depending on categories


6. General:

6.1 Winners of cash prizes will be notified the following day via SMS to send in their bank details with the corresponding mobile number they played with to claim their prize.

6.2 Cash prize winners will be credited via advised and verified bank details.

6.3 The Service begins immediately after the user subscribes.

6.4 MTN reserves the right, at any time, to change these Terms and Conditions and any rules relating to its products and the Service, and to modify the Services at its discretion

6.5 MTN reserves the right from time to time to vary the charges of the Service as may be deemed necessary in its discretion.

6.6 MTN shall be entitled to terminate the Service of any Customer if such Customer is involved in any fraudulent activity or suspected fraudulent activity.