Cookie Policy

1. Introduction

Cookies are data fragments that are sent from a website and stored on your device (computer, phone, tablet) while browsing online. Their purpose is to save information about your visit to the website. Cookies can only be viewed or edited by the sender.

2. Use of Cookies

By using cookies and other similar technologies such as pixel tags and scripts, our website can collect information about visits and visitors. We place certain cookies ourselves on our websites while others are placed by third parties. Third party cookies are likely to collect data outside our websites. These ‘third part Cookies’ might track how you use different websites, including ours. For example, you might get a social media company’s cookie when you see the option to share something. You may be able to turn them off, but not through us.

We use Cookies to get information about what type of device you are using to access our Services or Platforms and we record things like what sites you visit, your IP address (a unique number your device creates every time you connect to the internet), to make things easier for you and personalise your visit to our website, including to:

  • display relevant navigation settings.
  • help us personalise our Services to you by remembering your preferences and your progress so that you can pause and pick up where you left off even on a different device.
  • improving the overall user experience.
  • limit the number of advertisements displayed.
  • keep you signed in even on a different device.
  • remember information about you so that you do not have to give them to us over and over.
  • help us understand how you use our Platforms or Services so that we can make them better.
  • find out if our emails have been read and whether you find them useful.

3. Cookies used on our Website

Ultima Limited (“Ultima”) uses the following Cookies, you will not be able to switch off ‘Strictly necessary Cookies’ but you will be able to switch off ‘functional’, ‘performance’ and ‘advertising’ Cookies at any time if you change your mind. We will only use ‘functional’, ‘performance’ and ‘advertising’ Cookies if you have agreed:

3.1 Strictly Necessary Cookies

These Cookies are always on when you visit our websites. You will not be able to turn them off. We use them to make sure our digital services work correctly and ensure they are meeting audience needs and interests.

3.2 Functional Cookies 

Functional Cookies allow you to use the main features of Ultima’s website. The information collected through these cookies are not used for commercial purposes. By disabling the use of these cookies, you will no longer be able to benefit from some features for example, some parts of Ultima’s website will become impossible to navigate, access to our ‘Support’ features will be limited, and your preferences concerning the use or display of certain features will not be saved.

3.3 Performance Cookies

Performance cookies help us improve our website and detect any bugs you may encounter. This type of cookie collects information about how you use our website,  time spent on each page and the number of visits per page, error messages shown, and clicks in certain areas of the website. Data collected by these cookies cannot be used for marketing purposes.

3.4 Marketing Cookies

Marketing Cookies include Measurement Cookies, Targeting Cookies and E-mail Marketing Cookies. 

Measurement cookies enable us to track the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. With these cookies, we count and analyse the number of eyeballs and clicks associated with our marketing investments. We may share this information with our partners. 

Targeting cookies on the other hand enable us to determine the content of web pages you viewed, your searches, information you chose to share when registering with other websites and pages and websites you visited recently or just before accessing our website.

These cookies enable us to offer personalised advertisements that consider your preferences. We can also send you customized e-mails corresponding to your searches. In the event that the computer or mobile phone is shared by several people, the person receiving the e-mails or viewing the promotional content may not be the person who conducted the search. 

We might share some of your information with our partners to send targeted and relevant advertisements to your computer or mobile device. Please note however that we use a data management platform to improve our targeting cookies using non-personal data. 

E-mail marketing cookies is offered in connection with our e-mail marketing campaigns. When you subscribe to our e-newsletter or you choose to receive our offers, a cookie will be stored on your computer or phone. If you then perform a search on our website, you can receive an e-mail summarising your search requests, using the same e-mail address entered for our e-newsletter or offers. If you share a computer or phone with other people, it is possible that the person subscribing to the e-newsletter and the person performing the search on our website will not be the same.

4. Protecting your Data Privacy

Because we are committed to protecting your data privacy, we never attach any information to your cookies that can be used to identify you personally (Cookies can never be used to retrieve your address, date of birth, phone number or any other information that may be used to identify you) and we do not provide any personal information to advertisers or third parties that display our advertisements tailored to your interests.

If your computer or phone is used by several people, or if it contains several web browsers, content corresponding to your preferences may be displayed to other users. If desired, you can change your browser settings by following the steps listed in 6 below (Cookie management and browser settings).

5. How long Cookies lasts

Some Cookies are erased when you close the browser on your website or app. Others stay longer, sometimes forever, and are saved onto your device so that they are there when you come back.

6. Cookies management and browser settings

Please use the “Help” tab in your web browser to learn how to block new cookies, receive notification of new cookies or disable cookies. To assist you in this process, we have provided links to the “Help” section of some of the most popular web browsers. Please see below:

For more information about how cookies or targeted marketing work, you can view

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