88.5UFM Clocks 1 and Hits No. 19 on the Lagos Radio Rankings

During the pandemic and towards the end of the year, 2020, Ultima Limited birthed a ‘Pandemic Baby’ with the launch of 88.5 UFM, a new radio station dubbed the new sound of Lagos, offering a mix of contemporary music, refreshingly engaging conversations and exciting new games.

One year after, 88.5 UFM has succeeded in becoming a household name amongst its target audience, earning a captive audience of over 1 million listeners and moving up the ratings of radio stations in Lagos, starting out at No. 43 but currently in the top half of the rankings at No. 18. This astronomic growth (a proof of how fast pandemic babies grow) is why the station is today known as the ‘Fastest Rising Radio Station in Lagos’.

With its always fresh, very fun-packed shows, hosted by some of Lagos’ finest presenters, 88.5 UFM has kept listeners engaged, informed and entertained, while giving away millions of Naira in cash prizes through fun and exciting game shows. A true expression of the brand’s promise to its audience “it’s all about U”.